WVIA Interview on Successful Entrepreneurs Featuring Kris Jones

This video is a bit dated, but probably the most in-depth interview I ever did. The thing I appreciate about it the most is the balance in questions between family and work life. Of course….fast forward since the video was conducted in 2009 and I now have three kids (Kris Jr. (3 yrs old), Lauren (2 yrs old), and Jackson (almost 4 months old))….I sold Pepperjam to GSI Commerce / eBay, founded an early stage technology investment fund called KBJ Capital ( and most recently was appointed CEO of one of my portfolio companies called ReferLocal (…a company I founded in 2010 focused on helping traditional media (TV, print, radio) monetize the internet and successfully compete against Angie’s List, Craigslist, and Living Social.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Here is one of the featured videos from the video section of this Web site.

The video is a 60-minute interview I did in 2009 for a business series on WVIA (part of PBS) with host Bill Kelly.

This particular interview was the season finale of a series of interviews of successful Pennsylvania entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy!

Kristopher B. Jones Interview – PBS / WVIA Business Series on Successful Entrepreneurs from Kristopher B. Jones on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “WVIA Interview on Successful Entrepreneurs Featuring Kris Jones”

  1. Linda Woods

    Wow Kris! Or should I say “daddy”? Was just thinking about you today wondering where you landed after the PJ/GSI/eBay acquistions and I’m so pleased to see how well you’ve done. Of course, its no surprise! Your business and family both growing! Good luck in 2012! Best to your family!

    • krisjonescom

      Linda – you are the absolute best!!!!

      God bless and I wish you an extraordinary 2012. :)


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