P90X CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT & UPDATE: First $1,000 Donation Goes to Volunteers of America

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I can’t believe Robyn and I completed Day 30 of P90X today!

In the first 30 days I personally lost 10 lbs (that was my 90 day goal) and I’m 2 lbs away from my weight during my freshman year of high school, while Robyn has lost over 10 lbs and is surpassing her personal goals! In addition, we both feel better than we’ve felt in years. :)

If it wasn’t for the P90X Challenge we announced prior to starting P90X, which helped us build incredible momentum and leverage throughout the first 30 days, as well as the overwhelming support we’ve gotten from friends and family…..I’m not sure we would have been able to complete our first 30 days, but we did and now we are focused on Day 60!

As I mentioned, Robyn and I decided as part of committing to complete the entire 90-day P90X workout we would create an initiative called “The P90X Challenge.”

The goal of the P90X Challenge is to give away $4,000 of our personal wealth to numerous charities – At Day 30 (that’s today!!!!!) we are going to announce the first $1,000 donation (see below for the announcement). At Day 60 we are going to announce the second $1,000 donation (my choice). At Day 90 we are going to give away the third $1,000 (readers choice). The final $1,000 will be given away to ten separate charities all chosen by members of the P90X Challenge.

If you want to learn the specific details of the P90X Challenge visit here.

Without further adu….I’m happy to announce that my wife Robyn has selected the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania as her charity to give the first $1,000 donation!

About the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania:

The Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania is a faith-based human service nonprofit organization. With compassionate care that touches mind, body, heart and spirit, the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania’s highly effective programs help seniors, adults, youth and children reach for their full potential.

As part of one of the nation’s largest human services organizations serving more than 2 million people every year, the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania leverages the potential in everyone to help them accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Why the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania?

Robyn is very active in her community serving on the advisory board of the Volunteers of America in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, as well as the board of the American Red Cross of Wyoming Valley. Robyn and I are big believers in the mission of the Volunteers of America and we believe the organization is serving an underserved population. Among other things we’ve gotten to know the leadership of the local Volunteers of America (Bill Jones) and experienced first hand the impact that the VOA makes on the lives of those in need in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. We are happy to support the Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania and know that our $1,000 donation will assist the organization to achieve it’s goals.

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  1. Robyn Jones

    Today was tough. Plyometrics is the most challenging for me by far, but after it is complete, I definitely feel like I can take on the world (ok, maybe not right after it is complete but in an hour or so:) ). The VOA is a great organization and I am glad that we can help them out.


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