Video Killed a Radio Star – Should I take the risk? :)

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I’ve always been a huge fan of video as a means to communicate through the internet. However, I have never consistently used video to communicate (I guess) because I found it time consuming to shoot, edit, and post video – now you’ll agree that’s a ridiculous excuse because with video cameras like Flip Video and just about all others are plug and play and make it super easy to shoot and publish video.

I shot a video below with my new flip that asks the question – Should I be using video to communicate through social media and here at

Do you agree with me that video is by far a more intimate communication tool than say text or audio?

What are some of the things you’d like me share through video? Weekly look backs at the search industry…..affiliate space…..broader interactive marketing industry……?

Let me know by responding to this post or commenting through Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Dale Nat

    Video is multi-dimensional and hits more senses than a two-dimensional post. There is definitely more of a “connection” with video. I liked the way you used it at Pepperjam and would like to use in my business in a similiar manner. I do not know of any environmental, health and safety consultants using it currently in my industry.


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