Day 7 of P90X – Stretch X

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As I surmised…..Day 7 of P90X “Stretch X” was sort of a variation of Yoga, but it was much less intense.

Stretch X was a 60 minute workout meant to increase flexibility, improve workout performance, and minimize injury from the other more intense workouts. I wouldn’t quite call it a day off, but I certainly didn’t work up the kind of sweat that I did in say Kenpo X or even Yoga X.

One of the unique things about P90X is that everyday is something new….a new type of exercise, working a new part of the body, etc. The variety definitely adds a fun element to being on the program and keeps you interested and wanting more.

I’m finding that certain parts of my body are stronger and more flexible than others. I’m sure if you did P90X you know what I’m talking about.

For instance, my hamstrings are unbelievably tight, which makes certain parts of the workout much harder for me than someone with more flexibility in the hamstring. Good news is that each day my hammy’s are getting more flexible.

On the other hand, any workout that includes the arms, shoulders, or triceps I’m pretty solid – not sure why, but those parts of my body are ready to be challenged. Also, I’m surprised that my balance seems to be as strong as it is….not sure why, maybe it’s something in my heredity.

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