SEOktoberfest 2010 in Pictures

Those of you that read this blog or follow me on Twitter and / or Facebook likely shared in my excitement leading up to SEOktoberfest 2010.

SEOktoberfest was an exclusive internet marketing conference held in Munich, Germany (during Oktoberfest) about 10 days ago.

In attendance were some unbelievably brilliant SEO professionals and internet marketing legends from around the world, including Greg Boser, David Naylor, Marcus Tandler, Bob Rains, Joost de Valk, Jim Boykin, and Brent Csutoras, among many others.

The conference was hosted by no other then Marcus Tandler (aka, mediadonis), Germany’s #1 internet marketer.

SEOktoberfest 2010

It’s difficult to put into words just how valuable and enjoyable the conference was, but I’ll do my best in as few words as possible.

40 of the most successful internet marketers in the world.
14 renown speakers from around the world.
20 hours of exclusive, priceless content.
Three nights of Oktoberfest.
9 Playboy Playmates.
Lodging at the 5+ Star Sofitel Hotel in Munich.
Beautiful weather.
Old friends.
New friends.

In even less words: This conference was absolutely legendary.

In even less words: Priceless.

In less letters: Epic

I’ve included a few pics below. If you want to see pics elsewhere you can find my entire set on Flickr, Marcus’s blog, and Brent’s Blog.

SEOktoberfest 2010 SEOktoberfest 2010 SEOktoberfest 2010 SEOktoberfest SEOktoberfest SEOktoberfest SEOktoberfest

Can’t wait for next year.

For more info on SEOktoberfest check out the official site here.

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