SEO Visual Blueprint 2nd Edition Available for Pre-Order on

I’m happy to announce that SEO Visual Blueprint 2nd Edition is now available for Pre-Order @

CLICK HERE to pre-order a copy and be one of the first to read / review the book!

SEO Visual Blueprint 2nd Edition Pre-Order

The first edition of SEO Visual Blueprint was a tremendous success selling well over 20,000 copies before going out of print at most major bookstores in anticipation of the 2nd edition. Amazon has over 50 reviews of the book and ranks it 4 and 3/4 stars.

The 2nd edition took me about five months to write and includes a ton of new and updated information about search engine optimization and monetizing Web traffic. There are new dedicated sections on social media properties such as Twitter Search and Google Buzz, as well as new tasks on keyword generation and competitive research tools. In short, I’ve very proud of the finished product and I’m confident it will help to rank higher on search-engines and ultimately make more money leveraging the internet.

If you pre-order the book let me know.

If you have any questions about the book feel free to post them here or on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll personally respond. :)

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