The P90X Challenge – Help us Donate $4,000 to Charity

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I’m happy to use this opportunity to celebrate the launch of the blog by announcing that my wife Robyn and I have decided to give away $4,000 to charity as part of an initiative we are calling “The P90X Challenge.”

Many of you reading this post may be following my daily updates on Facebook and Twitter since my wife and I started P90X nine (9) days ago. If you’ve been following me you know that my wife and I are serious about completing the entire 90-day program. By sharing our experiences we are hoping that we can build momentum to stay committed, while also inspiring or motivating others (hopefully you!) to do the same. :)

What is the P90X Challenge?

The P90X Challenge is an initiative to help my wife and I, as well as others who are doing P90X stay committed through charitable giving.

If you are already doing P90X or decide now is the time to start P90X the P90X challenge is for you. Read on to learn how to participate and help us give away $4,000 to various charities.

The First and Second $1,000 Donations:

To help my wife and I stay committed we will donate $1,000 in two intervals ($2,000 of the $4,000) to a charity of our choice after completion of Day 30 and Day 60 of the program, respectively. After Day 30 my wife gets to choose her favorite charity and we will cut a check for $1,000 to that charity. At Day 60 I get to select a charity and cut a check for an additional $1,000. After that we are not done – we need to stay committed to help you give away the remaining $2,000!

The Third $1,000 Donation:

To encourage users to support our P90X experience and to share their own experiences with P90X, exercise in general, and / or charitable giving we are going to let YOU select what charity we give the third $1,000 to. To accomplish this I want you to respond to this post with (1) the name of the charity and (2) why we should support the given charity. Voting is officially open now and will close after Robyn and I hit Day 60 of P90X. On Day 61 or there about I will post a poll on this Web site with the top 3 or 5 most recommended charities. At that point you’ll have the opportunity to vote from the smaller list on who should receive the $1,000 donation. Robyn and I will cut the check to the highest vote getting charity after we have completed Day 90 of P90X.

Again, the third $1,000 donation is open to anyone to vote. To get things started simply add a comment to this post with the charity you’d like us to give the money to, as well as why. The “why” is not necessary to get your charity listed. Anyone, including folks who work for charities are welcome to participate! We want every one to participate!

The Final $1,000 Donation

Here’s where we are asking for fellow P90Xer’s to make the official commitment with us!

The final $1,000 will actually be 10 separate donations of $100. Simply respond to this blog post with your full name, where you are from (i.e. Wilkes Barre, PA), when you started (or when you intend to start) P90X, and anything else about your thoughts on P90X. I’d also like you to send an e-mail to kris @ so that I can verify your identity. The first ten (10) to respond will become part of our official challenge. We hope you join and share your experiences with us!

By joining the P90X Challenge you have to agree to two things. First, you agree that we can use your name on this blog. Second, you agree to share your experiences along the way by responding to this or any upcoming P90X Challenge post.

In order to participate you need to either (1) be in the process of P90X or (2) be willing to start P90X within the next two weeks.

Robyn and I will cut a $100 check to your favorite charity if you are willing to make the commitment to complete the full 90-day P90X workout.

It’s a win-win for you and the charity of your choice!

The purpose of the final $1,000 donation is simple. First, it helps you to stay committed to P90X since we won’t make the donation until you finish P90X! Second, your participation builds a support network for all of us on a mission to complete the program!

UPDATE: Here’s our P90X Challenge Participants (We are Accepting 10; More will be added as they are confirmed)

1. David Dayton, Mardela Springs, Maryland – Charity TBD
2. Jason Brozena, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania – Jason’s Charity is The V Foundation
3. Eddy Pham, Hollywood, California – Eddy’s Charity is the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
4. Andrew Le, Hollywood, California – Andrew’s Charity is the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
5. Luke Matthews, Warrior Run, Pennsylvania – Charity TBD
6. Jerry Palmaioli, Shavertown, Pennsylvania – Jerry’s Charity is the Janet Weiss Childrens Hospital
7. Amy Punko Andrejko, Scranton, Pennsylvania – Charity TBD
8. Bob DeFeo, Mountaintop, Pennsylvania – Charity TBD
9. Ian Fernando, Jersey City, New Jersey – Ian’s Charity is
10. Stephen Robinson, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – Stephen’s Charity is Compassion International
11. Laura Terwilliger Klepaski, Mountaintop, Pennsylvania – Laura’s Charity is The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

So………..with the above taken care of – let the challenge begin!!!

For my wife Robyn and I tomorrow starts Day 10 of the challenge. Robyn doesn’t get to make her $1,000 donation until Day 30 and I don’t get to make mine until Day 60 and you don’t get yours until Day 90 so all I have to say is “Bring it!.”

58 Responses to “The P90X Challenge – Help us Donate $4,000 to Charity”

  1. David Dayton

    Please add my name (David Dayton) to the the P90x challenge. I am on day 24 of the “classic” training course. I will get back to K with my charity of choice. My current city is Mardela Springs Md.

    Looking forward to keeping track. I love this workout. It’s changed my life. Not that I was really out of shape but I have never been in really good shape either. I turn 38 in June and I don’t want to go down the path of being fat and out of shape.

  2. Jason Brozena

    I have been doing P90x, P90x + and going to start either Insanity or 1 on 1 with Horton to get some more variety in my workouts. Since starting the program in March of ’09, I have lost 50 lbs, and am ALMOST back to my freshman year of college weight… almost :)

    As for charity of choice, I will have to get back to you on that…

  3. Kris Jones

    Jason – welcome aboard!

    Your story is inspiring.

    Can’t wait for you to share your experiences since I believe as a P90X veteran you have a ton to share.


    • Jason Brozena

      Yoga I still think by FAR is the hardest disk of them all. Especially the first half of the disk…and it shouldn’t seem that hard, but it is… conversely I love doing Plyo, and that by most counts should be the hardest disk, yet I don’t feel it is at all…I feel exhausted after doing it, but revitalized soon after…great workout.

  4. Jeremy Lyman

    Hey all. I finished P90X Doubles a couple weeks ago. It was awesome! I feel and look better than I have in years. My wife can’t keep her hands off me. :)

  5. Eddy Pham

    My boyfriend and I are in Hollywood, CA and we just started the program about a solid week. We love the feeling that Tony is in our living room telling us to bring it. The product is amazing and our only regret is we wish we started sooner.

    We would like our charity be LA Food Banks.

  6. Kris Jones


    I want your problem. :)

    Doubles – unbelievable – congrats on being an inspiration to those of us who are doing P90X for the first time!


  7. Kris Jones


    Robyn and I are stoked to have you join the challenge!

    Do you want to add your boyfriends name to the list as well?

    We look for to hearing from you guys on how P90X is going….


  8. Luke Matthews

    Let’s do it! I will Bring the Power to POWER!I am starting Monday the 20th. Don’t get me wrong, I have a beautiful body (those of you who know me are laughing), but I am looking for a healthier way of life…

    I’m not sure of the Charity yet. Thanks for the invite Kris.

  9. Kris Jones


    We are thrilled to have you join.

    Make sure to send that charity over and we look forward to cheering you on once you start on the 20th!


  10. Jerry Palmaioli

    I started on Monday April 5, so today is day 3. I am a little sore in my upper body still but I am feeling more energetic then ever. So count me in on your challenge. My charity will be the Janet Weiss Childrens Hospital. They were great to Alana when she needed to be hospitalized at 3 months old for an infection.’

    Bring It


  11. Stephen Robinson

    Hi Kris,

    I have only been doing P90x for 3 days so far, but I love it! I would love to join this challenge. However if you have any women join, please allow them the 10th charity donation. I am just grateful for a community to share the challenges of P90X. So far for me the hardest thing has been the diet.

  12. David Dayton

    This is week 4 for the “Classic” P90X training. It’s labeled an off week with a lot of stretching, Yoga, Kempo and core. I have found it to be harder than the workout weeks. Starting Monday I am back to weight training with chest and back.

    • Kris Jones


      Kenpo and Core are two of my favorites…and I’m warming to Yoga after doing it again this morning!

      You were a lean guy to begin with….but how much weight have you lost since starting P90X?

      I’m down a couple of pounds already…from 197 to 195.5. My fighting weight….I mean high school weight was 185 so I will be celebrating once I break 190 and then eventually hit 185.

      I’m all in – hopefully my metabolism will cooperate!


  13. David Dayton

    I was 180 when I started and now I’m 166 this morning. I’ve lost some body fat as well. The crazy thing is that my shirts are getting tight. I hope it’s growth and not my imagination!

    I agree with you on Kempo. I love that last 3 minutes when you throw over a 120 punches! Yoga on the other hand has been the worst. I just don’t have the flexibility. It’s getting better by the week though.

    I’ll keep grinding through and see where it takes me. Salad for dinner of course!

    Are you doing the diet as well?

    • Kris Jones

      Dave – awesome!

      Robyn and I are doing the diet, but for the most part I’ve had to change more than her….she’s an amazing cook so we always tend to eat fresh and lite….of course, we also go out for dinner a lot which is more challenging, but again we are trying to stay within the suggestions without being over the top.

      Outside of pretzels and grapefruit i really haven’t snacked.

  14. Kris Jones

    Please welcome Laura Terwilliger Klepaski from Mountaintop, Pennsylvania to the P90X Challenge! Laura’s Charity is The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

  15. Kris Jones

    How is everyone doing?

    Post your daily updates here!

    Let’s get some conversation going!

    I just finished Day 12 today – Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X. Solid workout today, especially legs. I was up late last night collating docs for tax day next week so I dragged a bit at first, but was able to pull through and bring it. Tomorrow is Kenpo X, which is definitely one of my favorite workouts – I really like the cardio side of Kenpo.


  16. David Dayton

    Day 26

    It’s still the “recovery” week. I did Core this morning and feel pretty good. I’m anxious to jump back into lifting more on Monday.

    • Kris Jones

      Dave – by lifting do you mean dumbbells?

      I’ve only done core once and I wasn’t supposed to…the first 10 days of workout were sequential instead of following the plan, but we’ve recovered this week and are back on track.

      Core was tuff – but I definitely felt the burn throughout.

  17. Jerry Palmaioli

    Did Yoga for the first time yesterday…Felt long and uncomfortable but was ready for that from reading Kris’s comments. Ready to get back into normal P90x workout today

    • Kris Jones


      Awesome – glad to hear to heeded by warning – Yoga the first time was very difficult for me, but I can tell you I did it for a second time yesterday and while it was still long it was much, much more doable.

      I’m glad you started P90X and are enjoying it so far.

      I broke 195 today (I weighed in at 194.5) which was surprising…so I’m down several pounds from my start weight.

  18. Jeremy Lyman

    I’m just curious. Are you guys following the P90X nutrition plan as well?

    I did an it makes a huge difference. It’s pretty hard the first month as you are basically starving for carbs, but you will find that as you ramp up the carbs in month 2 and 3 you won’t believe the amount of energy you have to finish the program.

  19. Kris Jones

    My goal was to follow the nutrition guide without being over the top.

    I need to take a closer look to make sure I’ve following the guidelines, but I’m definitely interested in following the plan.

    Most folks I’ve talked to that have completed P90 with the nutrition schedule said nutrition is a game changer.

  20. David Dayton

    Kris, I’m following the “classic” P90 schedule. Tomorrow is day 27 and I’ll be doing yoga. Sunday is day off or stretch. I really dread the yoga. Hope to improve this with time.

    Starting Monday I’ll be doing “Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Ab Ripper X. These workouts are so intense. There is nothing like finishing these training sessions and coming very close to keeping up with Horton! The pull-ups are getting easier with each workout.

    I think I need to work on the diet. I eat really healthy but I still have to cheat on a few things. Discipline sucks sometimes.


  21. Kris Jones

    Day 13 of P90X – Kenpo X (aka Karate) complete. Awesome workout this morning….I pushed throughout. It’s nice to wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning. Gorgeous outside, deer in my front yard, chill in the air. Next up tomorrow – break or Stretch X. I’m thinking Stretch. How are others doing?

  22. Kris Jones

    BTW – for those of you who haven’t responded yet…I need your charities so I can add them to the site and you’ll have an even more meaningful purpose to bring it.


  23. Stephen Robinson

    Tomorrow starts my second week of P90X. I can’t wait to start, I’ve worked out for the past couple of years recovering from injuries and now I am finally feeling healthy. I am doing P90X for a couple of reasons, mainly because my Dad was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a couple of years ago and I don’t want to go down the same path. I figure staying fit and eating right will go a long way towards avoiding this disease. My charity of choice is Compassion International. I want to encourage all of you to stick with it. I also want to thank Kris for giving us a place to share our stories and support each other online.

  24. Kris Jones

    Day 15 of P90X – Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X complete. 30 min into the video it started blinking, which made it impossible to see the screen. After failing to fix the TV I decided to bring a laptop up to the exercise room and finish that way – good news is that Robyn and I worked it out and completed the entire workout + ab ripper X despite the obstacles. Now I have to get the TV fixed. Tomorrow is Day 16 – Plyometrics. Bring it!

  25. Jerry Palmaioli

    I did Kenpo on Saturday which I feel is the best so far. Time flies by with this workout and it is fun and intense. Yesterday was my off day so today starts week 2 aka Day 8

  26. Jason Brozena

    Plyometrics yesterday was followed by Interval X today…(its a p90x plus dvd) Needless to say im sore… lol. Chest . Shoulders and Tris tomorrow… Bring it :)

  27. Kris Jones


    I did Plyometrics this morning – it was awesome! I love the cardio burn and the intensity of the workout….goes by quick and I feel awesome for the remainder of the day….a lot like Kenpo X.

    Dang – you are definitely intense…..I’m just about spent at the end of a Plyo workout – at that point you put in another DVD – awesome!


    • Jason Brozena

      I think you misunderstood… I did Plyo the day prior, and Intervals the day after… today will be Chest, Shoulders and Tris… :) – my routine is varied as I substitute in the Plus disks into the actual routine… I am bringing it…but I am not bringing it the way you assumed…lol :)

  28. Kris Jones

    Day 17 Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X complete. Solid workout today – it was the third time doing this routine so I was able to relax a bit and not focus on making sure I was doing everything properly….definitely enjoying these week 3 videos in that respect! Getting mentally ready for 1 1/2 hrs of Yoga X tomorrow. :) Bring it!

  29. Kris Jones

    Just finished Day 18 – Yoga X. The thing that kills me about this workout is that it is so long….not that I can’t hack it, but it throws the wrench into my morning. Aside from that Yoga is a solid workout – challenges me to put myself in positions I’ve never been in before – the types of poses that can probably get me in trouble if they were posted without any context. :)

    Hope you all are doing well!

    If you haven’t commented yet we’d love to hear from you.


  30. Jerry Palmaioli

    Week 2 down and feeling great plus I have a lot more energy than ever before. I lost 5 pounds since I started and finally under the 180lb mark. Looking forward to starting Week 3

  31. Kris Jones


    Totally awesome – thanks for sharing!

    I’ve honestly been stuck in a range with weight loss….I’ve only lost a few pounds and I’m almost finished with week 3. However, I didn’t start P90 to lose weight, I did it to get in shape and feel physically fit….and I’ll tell you I haven’t felt this good physically in a long, long time.

    Keep sharing your experiences. You may not see it here, but I’m getting a ton of emails from people that have started P90X because of the P90X Challenge!



  32. Kris Jones

    Day 22 of P90X – Yoga X in the bag. Today starts week 4 of P90X for Robyn and I, which also includes a routine change from heavy strength training to heavy cardiovascular workouts!!! It’s exciting that the routine is changing, although it wasn’t thrilling to do 1 1/2 hrs of Yoga on a Monday morning. :) Core Synergistics tomorrow – totally pumped about that!

  33. Kris Jones

    Day 23 of P90X – Core Synergistics complete. What a workout! Working your “core” is pretty much equivalent to working all of the major muscles in the body at the same time – seems impossible and some of the moves are, but it builds serious strength versus working muscle groups individually. At this point in P90X I’m between Kenpo X and Core Synergistics as my two favorite workouts. BTW – I’ve almost broke 190 lbs – seriously, my goal for the entire 90 days was to break 190 – need to set a new goal.

  34. Jerry Palmaioli

    Half way done with Week 3. I feel like I am getting into shape since I am completing the videos this week without much breaks. Not so excited for Yoga today. Reading all of Kris’s updates not only keeps me motivated but I know what to expect down the road since next week is my recovery week.

  35. Jeremy Lyman

    Ok, not to sound too cheesy, but I was out in the yard last night doing yard work, and I was bending over picking up brick pavers and stacking them, and I realized how great Core Synergistics was. Being in shape is awesome!

  36. Jerry Palmaioli

    I agree Jeremy. I noticed some of the same stuff when I have been doing yard work

  37. Amy

    Ok, not to sound too cheesy, but I was out in the yard last night doing yard work, and I was bending over picking up brick pavers and stacking them, and I realized how great Core Synergistics was. Being in shape is awesome!

  38. Kris Jones

    Guys – you are all doing an amazing job – congrats!

    Day 26 of P90X – Core Synergistics complete. Sick as a dog all day yesterday and today so I just finished today’s workout since I decided to sleep in the extra hour this morning. Despite being sick I actually felt like I had a ton more energy at 5pm than I do at 6am – go figure. :) Anyway Core Synergistics is what P90X is all about – it’s an amazingly challenging workout with lots of sweating and breathing, but totally worth it because when you are done you feel like a billion dollars! 4 more days until Robyn and I give away the first $1,000 to a charity of her choice.

    If you are part of our challenge and haven’t given me your charity yet please respond to this post or shoot me an e-mail.


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