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What a better way to memorialize my first post than by thanking Matthew Blancarte, Josh Mullineaux, and the web design team at Unique Blog Designs for designing!

I’m proud to become a Unique Blog Designs client and join a design portfolio of clients that includes Tony Robbins, John Chow, Zac Johnson, and many others. :)

In terms of this blog…..I have to admit, I was probably a pain in the butt to work with.

On the one hand I’m a busy guy and my family and Pepperjam are #1 and #2 in my life….so finding time to work with Matt and team at Unique Blog Designs was not easy.

At the same time….I did my homework ahead of time and approached Unique Blog Designs with an agenda for what I wanted.

Like you I have my favorite blogs.  Some are designed better than others.

For me what mattered most with the design of was seamlessly integrating my personal social media content, while also allowing me to easily share my thoughts (and of course pictures & video) through a simple content management system and a clean user interface. Oh ya….I also wanted the blog to be a good vehicle to promote my books, speaking gigs, angel investments, and anything else worthy of promotion.

While you’re perusing the site you’ll see elements of some of my favorite personal blogs, including Darren Rowse, Guy KawasakiGary Vaynerchuk, John Chow, and Neil Patel, among others. For instance, I love how Gary shares video….and how he promotes his book and TV appearances! Also, Darren does a great job of keeping his user interface simple (so does Gary & Neil), while John, Gary, & Guy incorporate social media as well as anyone.

I won’t bore you with the countless e-mails conversations I shared with the UBD guys throughout the design of this site – suffice it to say that I provided a pretty long list of features that I wanted on my blog, from the cool Facebook Fan Page and Twitter widgets to the “Best of Kris’ Blog” widget. In every case Matt and team met or exceeded my expectations!

Let me know what you think…..I hope you enjoy some of the innovative features of the blog…and of course by innovative I simply mean my favorite features from my favorite blogs. :)

To learn more about Unique Blog Designs visit them here –

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    Josh – agreed. Matt and I still need to tweak a few things, but you guys did a fantastic job!




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