My Fantasy Football Team (Orchard View League)

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I’m participating in two different Fantasy Football drafts this year. One of the drafts I’m the Commissioner (draft is set for September 6th) and the other draft took place this past Saturday.

Since I was new to the league the group stuck me with the #12 draft spot. Don’t know about you, but #12 is not the easiest position to draft from – the only consolation prize is that at #12 you get the 12th and 13th picks (back to back).

Since I know there are millions of Fantasy fans out there just like me I figured I’d share my teams with you. Feel free to make fun of me, applaud me for making great picks, etc.

I’ll warn you ahead of time. Since I was #12 I decided to strategically make my team heavy toward my favorite team – the Philadelphia Eagles. Since we lost McNabb to the Redskins (yuck!) and my man Westbrook to the Niners….my love for the Birds has really been tested. By drafting so many Eagles I’m hoping it makes me take an interest in some of the new talent and even if the Eagles don’t have a great season (I hope I’m wrong) at least I’ll be forced to follow many of the players closely since I’m a diehard Fantasy junkie and I take this shit seriously. :)

OK, here’s my team (Keep in mind this is a PPR league):


Kevin Kolb (Eagles) – starting

Mark Sanchez (Jets) – bench warmer. Likely will be the first on my team to drop should I want someone off the waivers.


Jamaal Charles (Kansas City) – starter
LeSean McCoy (Eagles) – starter

Steve Slaton (Houston) – bench warmer
Chester Taylor (Chicago) – bench warmer, but hold out some hope he’s starter within a few games (think Jacobs / Bradshaw in New York)
Ricky Williams (Miami) – bench warmer / starter – definitely has potential to be a starter if Brown gets hurt or if Ricky overshadows like he did last year. :)


Randy Moss (New England) – starter – need I say more?
Steve Smith (Carolina) – starter – may sit him if any of my other WR’s outperform early.
TO – (Bengals) starter / bench warmer – sharing the field with Search Results Chad Ocho Cinco can either raise TO’s game or make him only a #2. We’ll see. I’m prepared to start him over Smith if needed, but intend to start Smith out of the gate.

Jason Avant (Eagles) – bench warmer with potential should DeSean Jackson get hurt or Kolb surprises everyone and puts up big numbers (multi 300+ yard games like last year). heck, he’s an Eagles so I’ll watch him closely.
Devin Hester (Chicago) – bench warmer. A better kick returner than receiver, but you never know. He adds depth to my receiving corp.
Austin Collie (Colts) – bench warmer. Collie is a potential sleeper but with so many quality receivers in Indy and an amazing QB I’m not holding out hope that Collie will ever make in into my line-up outside of a must start bye week.


Brent Celek (Eagles) – starter – I told you I drafted a lot of Eagles, but Celek is a no-brainer. Saw him play twice last year in-person – he’s a young guy with a postiive attitude and enormous potential. I like BC as my tight end regardless of the fact he plays for my favorite team. :)


Jay Feely (Arizona) – starter – solid kicker

Shayne Graham (Ravens) – also a solid kicker. A great bye week replacement or a starter depending on early season performance.


Arizona Cardinals – starter – would have loved to have the Birds here, but they were taken early. Arizona is a solid D plus D’s can easily be picked up off the waiver wires if they don’t work out.

OK – that’s my team!

Let me know your thoughts. If you think I had a horrible draft and let the Eagles bug blind me to better players let me know. If you think I’m a shoe-in for the Super Bowl let me know that too. Trash talk welcome.


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