Mark Zuckerberg Speaks – TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2012

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Facebook went public on the Nasdaq (Ticker: FB) to incredible buzz and enthusiasm on Friday, May 18, 2012. The company priced at $36, raising $16 billion and making Fcebook worth nearly $100 billion.

As of September 11, 2012 the company’s market capitalization is $41.63 billion having lost more than $50 billion (50%+) since its debut less than 120 days ago.

I’m blogging here from Mark Zuckerberg’s first public appearance since the IPO – TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. Ironically, one of my start-ups (Pathmapp) is scheduled to go on stage shortly after Zuck is done.

Here are some of the questions that people have on their mind….and I’ll be back once Zuck takes the stage to LIVE blog his speech.

What explains the dramatic loss of confidence in FB post IPO? Quiet period – feels that it hasn’t entirely been fair since they’ve been unfairly judged without being able to speak. Zuck said “Mobile is incredibly strong for Facebook on many fronts.” He said the growth is amazing, time on site is strong, and he believes over time they’ll make more money from mobile than Web.”

What’s is FB’s mobile monetization strategy? Zuck – “I’m really optimistic about mobile.” It’s much more like TV than the desktop is. “Facebook is seeing mobile ads performing better than desktop ads.”

FB recently rolled out a sponsored search product. How is that going?

How is the Instagram integration going? Did FB pay too much? Amazing. Over 100,000,000 users. We want to help Instagram grow to hundreds of millions of users.

What’s new at Facebook? The idea of search is intriguing. Facebook is getting around 1 billion search queries a day.

What are some of Facebook’s biggest missteps? Zuck “we bet wrong on HTML 5 two years ago.” IOS app is going well and Android app is coming soon.

Is Zuck concerned about lock-ups ending and the liquidity that is likely to enter the market? Is Zuck concerns about employee turnover now that the company has IPO’ed and the stock is performing poorly? Zuck says it’s not easy – this is a difficult time for his staff, but it’s not like Facebook has always been a celebrated company (i.e. privacy). He said it’s time for employees to “double down” with Facebook.

If Zuck answers any of the above Q’s I’ll be sure to provide his response. :)

BTW – The media here is crazy. I’m seen a few US Presidents speak and this is crazy.

2 Responses to “Mark Zuckerberg Speaks – TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2012”

  1. Quinn Kavanagh

    So Zuck said the word “mobile” 37 x’s in his 25 minute speech. It’s obvious that FB needs to do a better job monetizing mobile, but what was your overall take-a-way from his remarks Re: insight as to how (future plans) FB will do a much better job monetizing this channel?

  2. kris


    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Cali!

    I’d say the takeaway was that he said mobile presents a greater opportunity to Facebook than the desktop bec/ of the amount of time spent, frequency, and engagement of mobile users versus desktop – he basically said that he believes there will be more money there for Facebook than there is on the desktop. Bold stuff with no specifics as he said they are experimenting with a number of monetization strategies and the results have been encouraging.

    It was a good day for Zuck and the stock has shown that Wall Street liked what he said.

    For me I felt like Zuck had a “Steve Jobs” moment on stage at TechCrunch – he didn’t seem like a young kid with no vision at all, but instead a visionary and someone that can be the leader (or at least visionary) of one of the greatest companies of all time.



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