Officially Leaving Pepperjam to Pursue New Entrepreneurial Opportunities

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It’s with much excitement that I announce that I’ve decided to step down from my role as President of Pepperjam to officially pursue new and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, I’ve been asked by GSI Commerce to serve in the role as a paid advisor to Pepperjam and GSI over the next six months, which I intend to honor.

My decision to depart Pepperjam did not come without serious personal reflection, as well as careful and extensive discussion with family and friends. While I am officially leaving GSI as an employee I intend to lend my full support as an advisor and will stay personally and professionally committed to seeing that GSI’s affiliate marketing strategy remains a success!

Stay tuned to this blog for a series of big announcements over the coming weeks and months about what projects I’ll be working on and where I’ll be opening offices to support my future business goals!

While I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have helped build one of the most successful and celebrated interactive agencies (Pepperjam) and affiliate networks (Pepperjam Network) in the world, I sincerely believe that I have only truly gotten started as an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, advisor, angel investor, and interactive marketing professional….not to mention as a father of two brilliantly beautiful children (Kris Jr. & Lauren) and an amazingly gorgeous, genuine, and intelligent wife (Robyn).

Today was the right day to move on and I am honestly more excited today than the day I founded Pepperjam.

I look forward to using this blog moving forward to keep friends, colleagues, followers, and fans informed about my personal life and career.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support!

39 Responses to “Officially Leaving Pepperjam to Pursue New Entrepreneurial Opportunities”

  1. Susie Sharp

    You’re a class act, my friend, and great things lie in your future.

  2. Tim Jones

    I wish you the best of luck, my friend and am excited to see what your next adventure holds for you and your family!

  3. Jeff Manes

    Best of luck in your latest journey Kris. I’m certain whatever you do you will always be bringing your A game.

  4. David Dayton

    Congratulations Kris! I am sure you will do very well in any future endeavors.

    I’m on the mend from my latest car accident. I plan to start back on my P90X on Monday. I will be on day 28, so just a little behind your schedule.

  5. Larry

    Big inspiration to guys like me in the industry, Kris. Best of luck! Something tells me your next adventure will be a success.

    • Kris Jones

      Larry – thanks!

      Let’s get on the calendar for lunch next week. Shoot me an e-mail to kris @ with your availability.


    • Kris Jones


      Thanks pal!

      I’ll see you next week at The Conference.

      Make sure to let my BFF know that I don’t have Immediate plans to run for public office…. :)

      Talk to you soon.


    • Kris Jones


      I fully intend to use NEPA as my hub for future projects…..and intend to get more, not less involved as a Trustee and advisor to Misericordia University.

      Talk to you soon.

      BTW – I’m still waiting on some data to review from the questionnaire we went over at our last Trustees marketing meeting.


  6. Spencer and Jessica


    Exciting stuff… A new beginning is something we all secretly crave but few can actually make happen. All the best with your new ventures!

    S & J

  7. Kevin G

    Kris-Robyn-Kris JR-Lauren: What wonderful and exciting news Kris. I’m not surprised by your decision and look forward to following your continued journey and success within the New Media World. It also great to know you (making your own schedule) will be able to be an active dad as I have been with Josh and Jake all these years. Lots of Health, Happiness, and Success!

    • Kris Jones

      KG – thanks pal!

      Let’s get together over the next few weeks – I would like to seek your wisdom on one of the bigger projects I have in the works.

      It’s great to hear your family is doing well!


  8. David Ruckno


    Congrats! Now that you have some free time, I expect you to visit Hilton Head.


    • Kris Jones


      I will fly to Hilton Head at your convenience if you fly me there in the private jet that you flew in to my wedding. :)

      I’ll be in touch and thanks for the e-mail as well.


  9. Mike Peters

    Congratulations Kris!

    This is great news. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Exciting stuff.

    If there’s ever anything I can do to help in any way, shape or form, or if you’d like to bounce some ideas please don’t hesitate pinging me.

    All my love to you, Robyn and Kris-JR

    • Kris Jones


      You are one of the brightest and most stand-up guys in the interactive marketing industry….a role model to so many and a close, personal friend and confidant to Robyn and I – thanks for the kind words pal!

      We will be in touch.


    • Kris Jones

      Mike – BTW…you forgot baby Lauren! She is two and one half months now…sleeping through the night….she’s a good girl!


  10. Mike Peters

    Oh wow! Just saw the pictures of Lauren and your new castle.

    That’s awesome man. Now we can do a real playdate with my Jonathan and Maya.

    I can’t wait to get together sometime real soon!


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