Day 6 of P90X – Kenpo X

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Finished Day 6 of P90X – it was a 60 minute workout called Kenpo, which is a form of Karate.
P90X Day 6

This was the type of workout I signed up for when I purchased P90X – intense, aerobic like karate workout – when I was done I was soaking wet (that’s a good thing when you’re working out).

Some of the karate moves were awkward, but that’s bec/ it was my first time doing it – next time will be even more intense.

Up tomorrow for Day 7 is Stretch X, which I’m presuming is a variation of Yoga.

BTW – I’ve pretty pretty much committed to the diet portion of P90X. For this early part of the 90-day program the diet plan calls for minimizing bad carbs and stocking up on protein. Today for lunch I had a delicious peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat bread with some pretzels. For dinner I joined my wife and kids for some Chinese food at Peking Chef in Dallas, PA….not the buffet, although that would have been pre-P90X form, but instead I got vegetable dumpling soup as an appetizer and chicken with broccoli for dinner.

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