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Take Action

It is a fact, most people don’t take action because of fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of hard work.

Fear of discouragement.

Fear of commitment.

Fear of ability.

Fear, fear, fear.

The problem with allowing fear to rule your decision making is that you won’t take chances and without taking chances you’ll likely live a mediocre life….and who wants that!?

I will be the first to tell you…and agree with you….that fighting your inner demons – that voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t worthy…or that you can’t do something (i.e. lose weight, ask a girl / guy out, address conflict, quit your job, start a business, get off your freaken ass and become a great father / mother / husband / wife / friend, change your life, etc…..) is a difficult thing to do.

However, owning your inner voice is absolutely essential to your success.

If your inner voice tells you that you can’t do something, you must.

Let me type that one for you again because I want you to correct people every time you hear them say they CAN’T do something…..or when your inner voice attempts to convince you that you can’t do something or should not take action to make your life better.


Life is not easy, in fact it’s extremely difficult for most people regardless of how much money they have, the status of their career, how great their spouse is…..

Life is also short. For instance, less than two weeks ago one of my close friends from childhood died at the age of 35. Everyone reading this story has a similar story.

I want you to live your life with passion, energy, love, and conviction.

Grab opportunity by the balls (sorry ladies) and own your future.

If you can’t, you must.

Take action today that will forever change your life…..and don’t forget….when you hear a friend, loved one, or colleague say they Can’t do something….please tell them the truth – They Must.

And as for your inner voice, own it!

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  1. Scott Carey

    Maybe I just don’t get it (and you can tell me if I’m not getting it) but how do you act when there are things out of your control preventing you from doing something? Fear is a real thing but sometimes there are mad road blocks in your way. How do I navigate being a recent college grad in tons of debt trying to start a company that requires a good amount of capital? That isn’t fear. Tell me if I’m wrong. I try to change this thinking everyday but I tend to end up in the same place…At first I thought it was my inner voice trying to stop me but it is actually the reality of the situation. No Intellectual Property, No Collateral, No family/friends funding, No Cash, No GO.

  2. krisjonescom

    Reminds me (and many successful entrepreneurs) of when we got started.

    You’ve got to keep pushing.

    Perfection shouldn’t be your goal.

    Excuses are unlikely to move you forward.

    When I founded Pepperjam I was in debt nearly $100K from day trading in the stock market…and there were many other excuses I could have made for why it might be difficult to break through the negativity. Trust me, the voice in my head (like your voice) was telling me that I was crazy and should just give up.

    However, I did my best (and was successful) in not allowing my failure as a day trader with all the credit card debt that came with it….or the fact that I was still in college full-time (and a very active student at that – next time I see you make sure to ask me just how active I was) to sabotage me from being a successful entrepreneur or for that matter accomplishing any of the other personal and professional goals I had for my potential.

    One piece of advice I can share (which was shared with me by a college professor at Penn State – Aaron Pincus) is that it’s not about the end result, it’s about the process. You’ve got to own and enjoy the process in order to get to the end result….I’ll do a post on that one because it was a life changer for me at the time.

    I told Dr. Pincus…..after getting my ass kicked on the GRE’s and waiting to hear back from grad schools I had applied to…”I won’t get accepted anywhere…..I really f’ed up, etc.” He basically told me to shut up and enjoy the process. In effect, he was telling me to stop focusing on the possibility of failure, because that’s a big waste of time.

    After the advice (again, which I’ve used to become successful in many ways beyond eduction) I really started to enjoy the process of life….

    Your supposed “road blocks” are quite common. In fact, they are silly and wimpy compared to others who have overcome them to achieve many of their wildest dreams…..which I know you will too!

    All I can say is that if you think you can’t you must.

    Keep pushing.

    Stop focusing on what you don’t have and focus on what you do have (read “the Secret” as a guide) since if you don’t you are likely to wallow through the trials and tribulations of becoming a successful entrepreneur, instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and taking action.

    BTW – since I know you and a bit about your business ideas….don’t forget the advice I gave you at the ICWB last year…

    You can try as hard as you want but if you are unwilling to change your business idea….or at least modify it enough to get it off the ground…the debt and other issues won’t be the reason for the challenge with getting your biz off the ground, it will be your unwillingness to modify your plan in order to execute your goal.

    BTW – the purpose of my blog is to give candid opinions and advice based on my personal experiences. I’m not suggesting I’m right in an absolute sense, just trying to provide some guidance to friends and followers who I want to see succeed!


  3. Marty Wolff

    Wow this is a serious conversation. Here are a couple of tangible steps you can take. First read Jack Canfield’s book “Success Principles”. Read it quickly, don’t stretch it out over weeks. Highlight ideas that pertain to you. Take action on small things first. Next subscribe to Success magazine. Great ideas and motivation to keep you going. No money and other real life situations are REAL roadblocks. However, when there is a road block on the highway, they put up detour signs. When life puts up roadblocks just kick back and ask yourself and others what are the detours or different ways to get around these roadblocks. Get that detour sign in your head! Take a NEW route around your challenges. Success is absolutely a head game. Your emotions drive your behavior. Become aware of your emotions when they are negative and take another detour to positive, action thoughts. Let us know how we can help.

  4. krisjonescom

    Marty – great tips and sage advice!

    This post is based on a really simple principle that I’ve tried to remind myself of from time to time throughout my personal and professional life.

    Turns out in the real world, as you know, challenging your inner voice is a really difficult thing to do!

    Life is a journey and not a destination.

    It’s difficult for many people (including myself) not to get too wrapped up in the end result and make sure to enjoy the ride.

    Thanks again!


  5. Dale Nat


    Another quality post. It hits you in the face like a cold snowball or jumping into an ice cold stream. There is no getting around it. It holds you accountable for your place in life!!

    I actual look forward to the roadblocks in life. The challenge of getting around them, running through them, digging under them, or simply installing a door and walking through them. It is funny what some people consider roadblocks. I love to go to Foundation for a Better Life to remind myslef of true obstacles people have overcome the “can’t” mentality! Take a look at Team Hoyt on that site! I also see it everyday with the Wish Kids I work with throughout the year!

    Finally a little quote I wanted to share….

    “The soul was never put in the body to stand still.”

    Grab life the by the balls and LIVE it to your full potential – YOU MUST!!!!!!

  6. Charlie Wang

    Kris, very good principle to live life by.

    My version is: “If you can’t, you must, and if you must, you can.”

    This thinking is indeed a great way to blow away all the excuses, fears, and inadequacies we all feel from time to time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dr. Aaron Pincus


    I’m honored our conversations many years ago have held such meaning for you. Congrats on your successes. Keep enjoying the ride!

  8. krisjonescom

    Charlie – thanks for your comment!

    Aaron – what a great surprise to hear from you! I\’ve told the story of the profound and positive influence you\’ve had on me as one of my great mentors countless times – you are a legend.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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