eBay Buys Pepperjam Parent Company GSI Commerce

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Yesterday was one of the highlights of my professional career as eBay announced the acquisition of GSI Commerce, the parent company of Pepperjam, which I founded in 1999 (and sold to GSI in 2009). Pepperjam was an offshoot of a gourmet food company my brother Rick and I founded in 1999 called Grandma Jones’ Originals, Inc.

I founded Pepperjam as an internet marketing and consulting company while I was a graduate student studying psychology at Villanova University. After graduating from Villanova in 2000 I went on to study government law at Albany Law School where as a student I grew Pepperjam from a small internet marketing company into a several million dollar affiliate marketing business.

Upon graduating from Albany Law in 2003 I partnered with my long-time friend Michael Jones (no relation; at the time Michael was a young lawyer at a prominent local law firm) to take Pepperjam to the next level. Michael quit the law firm and he and I joined forces to build Pepperjam into an industry leading full-service internet marketing company.

The idea was to position Pepperjam as the go to agency of record for businesses looking to leverage emerging channels of internet marketing, such as affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization. We would later go on in 2006 to develop several pieces of innovative technology, most notably Pepperjam Network, which has become one of the leading affiliate networks in the world and currently powers affiliate marketing for brands such as Toys-R-Us, the NFL, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Mattel, Crayola, Sesame Street, Jenny Craig, Teleflora, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Jelly Belly, the BBC, the NHL, the NBA, and over 1,000 others. :)

It was Mike’s hard work and shared vision for thinking big in the early days coupled with our combined efforts to build an elite and talented team of young professionals from Northeastern, Pennsylvania that made the difference and allowed us to eventually build a company we would both be proud of, that would be much bigger than either one of us, and that would have a multi-generational impact on Northeastern, Pennsylvania.

The sale of Pepperjam to GSI Commerce and later eBay is a story of two young guys who thought big, broke tradition, and built a team of exceptional people who ultimately made the dream a reality….which continues to this day, albeit many of the folks (including myself) that walked through the doors of Pepperjam over the years are no longer with the company.

It’s a great time to recognize some of the initial and current brains and brawn behind the company (besides Mike and I) called Pepperjam – some of our first employees (in 2004) included Farukh Shroff (initial director of PPC; left PJ to work for Solid Cactus), Jonathan Runquist (became CTO and later head of software development – left the company after the GSI acquisition to pursue other opportunities), Krista Golanoski (would later become director of affiliate marketing and is still a Pepperjammer), Brock Siegel (probably held more titles than anybody in the history of Pepperjam and may have been the hardest worker ever, but was most recently VP of Sales before leaving the company prior to the GSI acquisition) and Robyn Jones (headed affiliate program management early on and went on to eventually head the entire affiliate management team and publisher relations of Pepperjam Network).

Others that held executive / senior management titles over the years and made Pepperjam into a world recognized internet marketing leader that would eventually be acquired by eBay include Ken Mohn (former VP of Search / Chief Strategy Officer – left the company prior to the GSI acquisition), Aaron Baker (former VP of Sales – left the company to become president of publicly traded Atrinsic Interactive), Trevor Brennan (former head of business development for Pepperjam’s agency business and later became VP of Sales – left the company prior to the GSI acquisition), Wes Hablett (Pepperjam’s long-time head of IT / was an employee reference from my friend Jeremy Schoemaker “aka Shoemoney” – Wes currently heads-up technology for Pepperjam and is one of the best IT guys in the world), Maura Goodwin (an early Pepperjam employee who would eventually become senior director of advertiser relations for Pepperjam Network – Maura is still a Pepperjam employee), Kat Dempsey (Kat continues to serve as senior director of lead generation at Pepperjam Network – Kat held many positions over the years including General Manager of Pepperjam Network shortly after launch in 2008..and has also provided some legal counsel as she is a lawyer), Jay Signorello (former director of software development – helped architect Pepperjam Network – left Pepperjam to head up the dev team at Heavy.com), Tim Casperson (early Pepperjam employee and software director / responsible for building Shogging.com, among other Pepperjam assets), Tara Deguisto (early Pepperjammer heads advertiser integration on Pepperjam Network – still at Pepperjam), Mandy Foley (early Pepperjammer who served as a supervisor and later director of various parts of Pepperjam Network), Alan McGlaughlin (relatively early employee; remains to this day as head of the graphics team for Pepperjam Network), Leslie Stewart (early graphics employee – went on to serve as director of agency graphics….arguably the most creative person in the history of Pepperjam – still is an employee), Matt Bradley (held various leadership roles for Pepperjam agency and later became head of internal affiliate marketing – Matt left the company after the GSI acquisition to head up internet marketing for MLB Interactive), Shawn Fassett (became Pepperjam’s first VP of Search – left in 2006 or so to pursue other internet marketing ventures), Dan Salvaterra (was a Pepperjam employee for a short period of time but served as VP of Business Development prior to leaving to pursue other things internet), Brian Gill (Pepperjam’s controller – provided direct oversight over the GSI acquisition and later left the company to join / run his father / family accounting business), Maggie Oldziejewski-Gill (an early Pepperjam employee; Maggie headed HR for many years at Pepperjam and eventually married our controller and left the company after the GSI acquisition), Ned Friar (started out as a sales guy – now is the Director of sales for Pepperjam), Quinn Kavanaugh (former director of sales, left the company to head interactive for WBRE Channel 28’s PAhomepage.com), Christian Wenzel (technical head of Pepperjam’s PPC agency business – left after the acquisition to launch his own agency business WenzelPPC), Todd Butcher (director of SEO; led the SEO team to be an industry leader – left after the GSI acquisition to founded TEB-Media), Brian Watkins (early Pepperjam employee – left Pride Mobilty to come to Pepperjam – Brian would eventually head the entire PPC division – he left after the acquisition), Ian Howells (started out as an intern; was director of SEO before eventually becoming General Manager of Pepperjam’s agency business) and Roxy (heck, I thought I’d throw Roxy into the mix, my English Bulldog in here since she was part of the fabric of Pepperjam over the years). If I missed anybody here from the leadership team please let me know and I will update.

Over the years we would build a staff of over 100 employees and would win countless awards, including being recognized by Inc. Magazine for three consecutive years as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. I may have received most of the accolades in the press and across the industry but it’s because of the above folks and the countless other members of the Pepperjam Team that made the dream a reality.

While I am no longer employed by Pepperjam (or eBay is it is now) I can’t tell you how excited I am for the future of Pepperjam.

First of all, Pepperjam is located across the street from my new offices and includes dozens of people I admire greatly.

Second, Pepperjam represents the dream that Mike and I set in motion many years ago and continues to make the type of impact on Northeastern, Pennsylvania that I personally dreamed about making after graduating from Law School and moving back to my community to build a business that would have multi-generation impact. The dream if you will lives on.

Finally, when I decided to sell Pepperjam in 2009 one of the driving reasons was strategic fit – what I mean by that is that I believe that GSI made Pepperjam a better positioned company than it was before the sale and visa versa. I was right. Similarly and even more profoundly I feel the same about eBay. I strongly believe that Pepperjam provides incredible value to eBay as eBay does to Pepperjam – together there is no doubt that the combined entity becomes the world’s leading affiliate marketing platform.

And all of this……….in my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.


My friends – think big and dream big. Believe in yourself and take action with conviction. Hire smart people, support individual freedom and creativity, and build a culture / workplace that inspires. Don’t ever give up.

We are only as good as the sum of our parts.

As for me and my entrepreneurial future, I’ve only gotten started, but let’s all agree that the bar has been set high. :) Now off to take my newest venture ReferLocal.com to the next level.

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20 Responses to “eBay Buys Pepperjam Parent Company GSI Commerce”

  1. Cynthia Sipple

    Congratulations Kris! It will be exciting to see what eBay does with Pepperjam and GSI Commerce. It is an exciting time and you have every reason to be very proud!

  2. krisjonescom

    Cynthia – why thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words!


  3. Ken Mohn, Jr.

    Kris it was really an amazing ride that I’d take over and over again given the opportunity. So many colleagues entered Pepperjam from varying career paths and exited as highly in-demand internet marketing experts or stayed on board to continue to build a company that is now a member of eBay’s portfolio. If that’s not an example of building opportunity and success from nothing but an idea and innovation, I don’t know what is.

    Even Charlie Sheen might appreciate that. Or not, but I guess you can’t please everyone.

    • krisjonescom


      Each of us grew in amazing ways and we are all better because of it.

      Together we created something that we should all be proud of and has set an amazingly high baseline for how we may life the rest of our lives.

      Forever and a day pal – you are an absolute rock star and serves as part of the fabric of the company!


  4. Dale Nat

    Kris – simply an amazing story. Can’t wait to read the next Chapter. Love the shout out for the PepperJam Team, especially Roxy! Congrats!!

    • krisjonescom

      Dale – thanks pal! It\’s a great story to be told again and again to entrepreneurs in NEPA….to demonstrate what is possible with the right attitude, team, dedication, and a bit (a lot) of luck. :)

  5. Zac Johnson

    So amazing! Congratulations on everything and its been great to know you and watch your success along the way! You can’t get much bigger than ebay, but I know that wont stop you from trying! Here’s to the future and enjoying every minute of it! :)

    • krisjonescom

      Zac – thanks buddy! Similarly, it\’s been awesome watching your extraordinary success over the years and likewise it\’s been great to have you as a friend.


  6. evelyn c ohara stine

    Kris…–wow–i remeber being given a gift of the first production jars of grandma jones pepperjam(in fact just bought a jar at the indoor marketplace in the old walmart in pittston twp) i rememberd then being so proud of you and rick for taking a chance…look where that chance took you..and i also remember saying to your mom–they are going places just you wait and see..glad to see my prediction was right…so happy for you..not everyone in life has a dream let alone fulfills it..congratulations to you and everyone…evelyn

    • krisjonescom


      That’s awesome!

      Over the years…from when I was a kiddo to when I was a teenager your friendship was (and always will be) dear to my Mom and family.

      Thanks so much for your love and support over the years.

      One of the reasons I enjoy telling the “Pepperjam” story is because it stands as an example that it is worth following your dreams, making sure that you think big, and that you work hard and iterate (pivot) as necessary until you get your desired result(s) – and then once that happens you rinse and repeat!


  7. Jay Signorello

    Thanks Kris for the mention, it really means a lot to me. I’m really proud that I was able to be part of the senior team and working on one of Pepperjam’s most critical products. It was a fun ride.

    All the lessons and knowledge I learned at Pepperjam really has gone a long way, especially now that I’m building my own startup. I’m still amazed how much I got out of the years I worked there.

    But most importantly, I was blessed to have worked with so many extraordinarily people (such as yourself). Like Ken said, I would do it again, without any hesitation.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next and working together in the future.

  8. krisjonescom


    Thanks pal!

    You were without question part of the early lifeblood and brains of the company.

    Regardless of whether or not we formally work together again (that would be great!) you were one of the most talented people I\’ve ever worked with in my life.

    Don\’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if there is anything I can do to support or advance your career….that goes for any Pepperjammer that ever walked through our doors.


  9. andy barancho

    just wondering what was next for you since if i could i’d like to invest in a new buisness and one that is in are region. good luck to you either way.

    • krisjonescom

      Andy – I\’ll be announcing my next project later this month. Thanks so much for the kind words…and like you I\’m a big supporter of NEPA!

  10. Brian Jackson

    WOW! Hey Kris its so great to continue to see and hear great things! I remember when I used Ebay in college to help me along with the way financially and it has really paved the way for many! As always I wish you all the success and I’ll send some baby pics when my little man arrives! Take care!

    • krisjonescom

      Brian – can\’t wait to see pics of your little man!

      Yeah – eBay is one of the most successful technology companies of all time….and has made many entrepreneurs very wealthy.


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