Day 89 of P90X – Core Synergistics complete.

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Just finished Day 89 of P90X – Core Synergistics….I’ve never felt more in shape in my entire adult life!

Core Synergistics

As Robyn and I finish the 90-day P90X routine I’ve lost 20 pounds – I started at 197 and I currently weigh 177. Robyn has lost 24 pounds. Aside from the weight loss we both look and feel better than we have our entire adult life.

Seriously, there is “working out” and then there is “working out!”

The thing I can’t get out of my head as we finish is the fact that I “worked out” for many of my adult years by simply going to the gym (YMCA / home gym) 3 days or so a week. Seriously, I’d tell people “Yeah, I’m working out.” Some would say I looked good others would say….that’s great Kris. But, I have to be totally honest, going to the gym 2 or 3 days a week…..doing the treadmill for 15-20 minutes…..lolly gagging around talking to friends for another 10 or so minutes, changing your clothes…..dang 60 minutes is gone and you feel like you got a good work out in. You tell your friends that you worked out. In your mind you convince yourself that you worked out, but in reality……you haven’t done enough to truly change your life….you haven’t done enough to get in shape, lose weight, feel great, or whatever other reason is motivating you to work out.

Listen, I’m not saying that going to the gym a few days a week is a bad thing – it’s a great thing….the purpose of me sharing my perspective is that it just isn’t enough to truly change the way your look and feel.

I am no exercise expert and for that matter while I’m a bit taller than most guys (I’m 6 ft) and have a slightly above average physique…..I’m a pretty average guy physically.

I am absolutely blown away that I just lost 20 pounds in 90-days. If you would have asked me if that was possible before I started I would have said no – 7-10 pounds would be amazing.

Remember – way back in the first 30 days of P90X my goal by Day 90 was to break into the 180’s since I hadn’t been there since my high school years (18-19 years ago).

Working out 6/7 days a week for at least an hour…..not wasting time going to and from the gym……waking up early enough to get the workout in and not procrastinating throughout the day that you’ll do it later, later, later – shit, I’ll do that one tomorrow, tomorrow, finding a friend or a loved one to work out with, not making excuses, changing your diet enough to change your life (i.e. get rid of snacks, etc.), and building enough leverage early on to stay committed, is working out….if “working out” is defined by extraordinary results.

One of the reasons I’m opening up here is that tomorrow is our last day of P90X and we are scheduled to do X Stretch, which is really a day off. I may do Yoga with some friends in NYC instead, but I wanted to make sure that I expressed how much of an impact doing 90 days of P90X has had on Robyn and my life – it’s been amazing….one of the top 10 coolest things I’ve ever done…..ironically, I don’t want it to end.

What’s next for me? Stay tuned. :)

Live with passion – bring it!

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