Day 88 of P90X – Kenpo X complete.

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Just finished Day 88 of P90X – Kenpo X….feeling great!

Kenpo X

Well….P90X is quickly coming to and end.

The schedule calls for Stretch X tomorrow and Core Synergistics for our last day on Thursday…..we are talking about getting Core Synergistics out of the way tomorrow morning before we leave for NYC for several days to visit friends.

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  1. Innovation Center @ Wilkes Barre

    So you deleted the post where I legitimately asked you to write about the topic you are a “supposed” expert in but you left the one calling you a derogatory term. I clearly know what you are more scared of.

  2. Kris Jones

    I had to leave the post. Authorities were able to pinpoint via IP that you are in the Innovation Center @ Wilkes Barre through that post and I was asked to leave it for obvious reasons.

    I’m fairly confident we’ve figured out who has been making the posts and I’ve been assured action will be taken to stop it.

    Keeping it real,



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