Day 87 of P90X – Core Synergistics complete.

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Just finished Day 87 of P90X – Core Synergistics…probably one of the top three workouts so far…..just really pushed hard and enjoyed the burn.

Core Synergistics P90X

Well…only three days left!

Robyn and I are going to spend some times with friends in NYC on Thursday and Friday so we’ll be doing our last two days on the road again.

Bitter sweet – on the one hand I’m super pumped that P90X is almost over – heck, I weighed in at 177 lbs this mornings, which means I’m down an astoudning 20 lbs since starting a little over 87 days ago. Ont he other hand, I’ve really, really enjoyed doing P90X with my wife Robyn, I’ve been blown away by the transformation of my body and mind, and I actually enjoy most of the workouts.

Heck – I’ve gotten up practically every morning at 6a.m. for the last three months – that’s an accomplishment in and of itself….and I’ll tell you what, when you get up earlier the days seem longer and you accomplish more. Hitting the snooze button every morning is for wimps. :)

Bring it!

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