Day 82 of P90X – Kenpo X complete.

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Today Robyn and I finished Day 82 of P90X – Kenpo X.

Kenpo X

We are so excited that we only have 8 days left but at the same time we are so anxious about what’s next.

The P90X manual says that even if we decide to do P90X again we should take a few weeks off.

The challenge is that I intend to do the 26K bike leg of a triathlon in August so I don’t have a terribly long amount of time to train….so I’ll need to jump right into it.

Robyn is talking about doing Zumba or maybe Insanity….she hasn’t decided yet….for me I don’t know that I want to lose any more weight plus I’m being told that Zumba is only for women.

We’ll see.

Up tomorrow is chest, shoulders, and tri’s.

Bring it!

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