Day 80 of P90X – Plyometrics complete.

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That’s right – only 10 days left!!! I finished Day 80 this morning with a sweating rendition of Plyo X – aka Jump Training.

Plyo X P90X

Plyometrics is the most grueling of the cardio workouts, but there is a reason I tend to push it more than normal.

The P90X videos typically include Tony Horton the instructor and three or four others that are either friends with Tony or who have worked out with him in the past.

The Plyometrics video is special because one of the three individuals in the workout has a wooden leg – yepper, a wooden leg and the guy works out as hard or harder than anyone in any of the videos.

I’m sure your thinking – I thought Plyo was Jump Training – how does a guy with one leg and a wooden sub do jump training?

Let’s just put it this way – he brings it and makes it work and doesn’t stumble once.

An amazing guy (think his name is Jeff) that inspires me to push it even harder than I normally would every time I press play on the Plyo video.

BTW – In terms of my weight I’ve been settled at 178-179 for the last week or so – since this is unchartered territory I’m stoked at where I am.

With only 10 days left I’m going to push it a bit harder to make sure I maintain or even break where I am now.

Bring it!

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