Day 79 of P90X – Back and Biceps + Ab Ripper X complete.

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Just completed Day 79 of P90X – Back and Biceps + Ab Ripper X.

Back and Biceps P90X

Today starts week 12 and was supposed to be Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps but Robyn’s chest hurt so we swapped Wednesday’s workout for today.

Solid burn today – since the focus was on “only” two muscle groups the end result is an extraordinary burn for your biceps and back. For the last bicep workout you line up four different sets of dumbbells from the heaviest you can do down – each set is eight reps….you start with the highest weight and do eight reps and then take a two second break and grab the next weights down and do eight reps…two second break and grab the next down and do eight reps…..two second break and finish off with eight reps of the final weight. To say the least it’s a fitting way to finish the bicep routine considering you can barely move your arms at that point.

Looking ahead next week is our last week of P90X and all the routines are cardiovascular, which means the strength training / muscle building routines we are doing this week will be the last time we do them for this 90 series of P90X – kind of sad. :(

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  1. Nathan


    Nice job making it to the end of the P90X. Not too many people who buy it actually make it to the end. Chances are after you take a week off you will we itchin’ to start another round of it. GL!



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