Day 78 of P90X – Kenpo X in the history books.

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Just finished Day 78 of P90X – Kenpo X on this lovely Father’s Day. :)

Kenpo X P90X

Robyn and I took our day of rest yesterday because she woke up feeling a bit under the weather so we worked out on Sunday….which is usually our day of rest. However, I certainly didn’t rest yesterday…..spent several hours in the backyard and pool with Kris Jr., washed by hand Robyn’s Range Rover, the Rhino, and my Mercedes G55 and BMW Z4…..then power washed the windows around the house!!!! Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend!

So……at several points here on this blog I said Kenpo X was my favorite P90X video – here’s the problem… seems that of all the videos….as I’ve gotten in shape Kenpo X has gotten too easy. I remember early on feeling at the end of the video that I just had completed the workout of my life…then I did Plyometrics and felt the same. IN general, Kenpo is a great maintenance cardiovascular workout – I’m not certain that I gain too much from it at this point, but I still sweat and feel good after I’m done….in particular, I really like how the 60 second “breaks” are actually the most intense of the entire workout because of the jumping jacks and X Jacks.

Robyn and I start Week 12 tomorrow – only two weeks left. :(

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