Day 75 of P90X – Yoga X complete.

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Day 75 of P90X – Yoga X complete.

Yoga X P90X

First things first – Weighed in at 178 this morning – that’s ridiculous….never in a million years did I think I’d lose nearly 20 lbs from doing P90X – it was not my primary goal…..making a commitment with my wife to get in shape and focus on health was the goal….but losing as much weight as I (we) have feels great!

Yoga today was solid – I didn’t have as much energy as I had last week when we did Yoga, but I survived and feel that I got a solid workout in. The length of the video (1 hr and 32 min) is a bit much.

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  1. Jason Brozena

    I normally stop now right after yoga belly sevens… no need to go any further, I think once you are done with the program, you will agree with me :)


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