Day 73 of P90X – Plyometrics (jump training) complete.

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Just completed Day 73 of P90X – Plyometrics (also called Jump Training).

Plyometrics P90X

Tony Horton (P90X instructor) calls Plyometrics “the Mother of all P90X workouts.” I agree.

In terms of a solid cardiovascular workout nothing else in the P90X series competes with Plyo – it’s 60 minutes of sweating and pushing.

Workouts are broken into 4 sets….the first three are 30 seconds each and the fourth set is typically 60 seconds…..then you repeat all 4 sets and take a 30 second break, which really isn’t a break because by the time you walk over to your water there is 15 seconds left….you lift the water bottle to your mouth and there is 10 seconds left – at that point Tony is already discussing what’s next and boom…’re back at it…..with water dripping down your face mixing with intense perspiration.

That’s Plyometrics.

BTW – one of the benefits of Plyometrics is that is definitely carries over to everyday life. It’s gives you a bit of gitty in your step…..and if you have young kids like me it gives you the energy and boost to keep up…and even tire them out. :)

27 days left. Bring it!

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