Day 69 of P90X – Kenpo X in the history books.

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Just completed 58 minutes and some change of Kenpo X – an intense karate based P90X cardiovascular workout. Day 69 is in the bag.

Kenpo X P90X

Here are my quick thoughts on Kenpo X.

Kenpo X is one of the most fun P90X workouts because it includes variety and full body movement.

Unlike other videos that focus on only one muscle group until you can barely move (think chest via a bazillion push-ups, back through a jazillion pull-ups, and ab ripper through a pajillion sit-ups)…with Kenpo X you are moving your entire body…or major parts of the body…at all times.

In addition, you are learning some pretty kick-butt karate moves. The instructor (Tony Horton) is big on form. After the first time I did Kenpo X I remember thinking….darn….if I get these moves down not only am I going to be getting in shape but I’m actually going to improve by self defense ability – in other words, I’ll be in shape and ready to kick some all American ass. Regardless, it’s fun to learn form and variety is the spice of life.

What’s your favorite P90X video?

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  1. Robyn Jones

    My favorite is plyo… NOT:). I love kenpo but I think the legs and back workout is the best. I’m still sore.


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