(I’m Back!!!) Day 65 of P90X – Plyometrics complete.

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I’m back!!!!!! Finished Day 65 today and look forward to the next 25 Days!

Here’s the story.

As you know, I was on vacation two weeks ago in South Beach Miami – the trip was awesome and Robyn and I loved doing P90X from our ocean front room.


We got to the airport on Sunday for an early morning flight (6am). Boarded the plane, sat for two hours….and deplaned for “mechanical problems.” Mind you, the flight from Miami (MIA) to Scranton (AVP) through Philly (PHL) is supposed to take about 4 hours all-in. 17 hours later we arrived home….since the mechanical failure turned into a cancelled flight and we were rebooked on a flight to North Carolina 5 hours later that included a 3 1/2 hour layover. No complaining, just sharing what was a crazy experience, especially since we had our two infants (Kris Jr & Lauren) with us.

When we got home (Sunday) at about 11:30pm we found out that Roxy had gotten sick and shat all over the house – she’s never done that – turns out she developed several bacterial infections that had her equilibrium off. Anyway, Robyn and I were up until at least 1am….after 17 hours at airports and on airplanes. Yeah, we didn’t do P90X because of the unexpected delays.

Monday was a holiday so we decided to have family over for a cookout. While the cookout was great what happened mid afternoon turned out to be a pretty traumatic several days for my family.

First, Kris Jr. had what we referred to as a poop explosion. Robyn thought it was a normal poopie, but when she checked him….she called me over….and yepper the poop was all over the poor kid. Looked like my little man developed a stomach virus.

Shit the Pants

A few hours later I started to feel nauseated…..but the real “fun” didn’t start until the next night.

When I went to bed on Tuesday night I was feeling a bit gnarly but nothing too bad.

I woke up around 3am and the fun began. I won’t get graphic here because I’ve already used enough poopie and pukie words above to get the point across.

Daddy developed a stomach virus – the worst….BY FAR….of my life.

Non-stop for several days. I didn’t eat anything (I couldn’t hold it) for roughly 72 hours.

If you think that’s bad. After coming in from the bathroom that memorable Tuesday night I looked over at Robyn as she lay sleeping and I thought – “should I wake here up to tell her I caught Kris’ virus?” I decided not to.

Almost 1 hour later….after I had hit the bathroom a few more times…I had barely fallen back to sleep when Robyn nudged me – “Honey…..I’m sick!” Yep……Robyn had it too – and she was out for about 48+ hours.

Guess what!? Grandma Martin (Robyn’s sidekick and Kris and Lauren’s daily nanny) caught it too – God love her – she almost didn’t get home from our house on Wednesday before it kicked in on her.

Grandma Martin got it too!!! Poor Grandpa shit his pants at the airport (he was coming home from a business trip in Minnesota)…had to toss is underwear and fly home with poopie pants. I know….I’m sorry, had to share it.

Grandma Jones (my Mom) also caught it!!!! So did my brother Rick (Kris’ God father)!!!!!

Well….the good news is we are all better and Robyn and I picked up where we left off with P90X.

Oh ya……forgot to share……..I lost 5 lbs last week while I was sick, which totally screws up my goal to hit 180 lbs by the end of P90X….since I weighed in at 179 this morning before Robyn and I did plyometrics! That’s alright….my goal now is to finish strong and plan for what’s next after completion!

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  1. Jason Brozena

    LOL…sounds like you had a “blast” on your trip home, which included several round trips to the see the porcelain god :)


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