Day 63 of P90X – Kenpo X complete.

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Got home from South Beach last night after an awesome 5-day family trip – I had to rearrange my P90X routine a bit since my 4 hour flight from Miami to Scranton PA took 18 hours….long story but I survived – Kris Jr and Lauren were great all things considered.

Completed Day 63 today – Kenpo X.

Kenpo X P90X

I am definitely much more in shape than I was the first few times I did Kenpo X. On one hand the workout seems a bit easy, while on the other hand it is 60 minutes of pretty intense cardio.

Robyn and I are in our last month of P90X and we’ve been discussing what’s next.

I’ll be training to do the bike portion of the Harvey’s Lake triathlon in August so I’ll be bike training and doing some cardio directly after P90X is over.

Robyn is still up in the air – she may just do P90X all over again or she said she may do doubles or one of the other versions.

Either way this journey has been a blast – I’m really enjoying this last 30 days and can’t wait to hit my weight goal of 180 – when I started that wasn’t even thinkable – it will be a reality.

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