Day 57 of P90X – Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X complete.

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Just completed day 57 of P90X – Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X.

Chest & Back P90X

It was great to get back to some muscle building after a week of strength training (Core / Yoga) and cardiovascular workouts (Kenpo X / Plyometrics).

P90X Chest & Back is as old school as it gets – tons of push-ups and pull-ups until you can’t push or pull anymore.

By the end of the workout you feel that your body has undergone a complete muscle drain – for the first few minutes it’s pretty difficult to lift your arms above your head or lifting a box…..but once the burn and strain is over you feel great!

Today starts Week 9 for Robyn and I – we are super excited and totally dedicated to completing this 90-day workout.

This Thursday is Day 60 – since we will be in South Beach I’ll be making the 60-Day P90X Challenge charity from my hotel room.

I’ll announce the charity that will be getting $1,000 as part of the P90X Challenge.

Stay tuned!

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