Day 51 of P90X – Plyometrics complete.

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Oh ya – Day 51 in the history book.

Robyn and I did an afternoon workout of Plyometrics (aka Jump Training), which is one of my favorite workouts.

Plyometrics P90X

I like just about everything about Plyometrics – the fact that it’s all cardio, intense, and when you are done you need to jump right in the shower (after you update your blog :)).

The other thing about Plyo is that when you are done you feel like you just burned about 1,500 calories – I’m not certain how many you actually burn, but I can tell you that for nearly 60 minutes your heart rate is above 150 and there are only a handful of 30 second breaks that are more short cool downs than breaks.

I was very proud of Robyn today for working extra hard – we actually don’t talk much during the workout – we just work heard and try not to distract one another – every once in a while she’ll take me out during a move or I’ll bump into her….but for the most part we are doing our own thing…..and doing it together to support one another. Anyway – today I was looking over at her and she was jumping higher than she normally does and really working hard – I’m very proud of her – it makes me work harder and want to continue P90X, which at this point is a sure thing!

Best of luck to all of you that have started P90X – feel free to share your stories here.

ATTN P90X Challenge participants and followers – we are just 9 days away from me announcing the second $1000 donation as part of the P90X Challenge. I haven’t made a final decision on which charity will get the money so stay tuned. There are just so many extraordinary causes!

BTW – I finally submitted the final components of the second edition of my book to Wiley Publishing today, which means I can dedicate some time to making this blog about more than P90X.

The point of this blog is to share aspects of my personal and professional life, including personal development, technology, charity. and angel investing. At the same time I hope to keep you up to date with what companies are doing great things and the people that inspire me and may inspire you. :)

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