Day 47 of P90X – Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X complete.

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Just completed Day 47 of P90X – Legs & back solo….since Robyn woke up and worked out at 5:30am (a little bit too early for me) because she had a meeting.

P90X Legs & Back

For me….the legs workout may be the most challenging of all – it just seems like I expend more energy working legs than any other body part.

I also know that I just worked my tail off when I complete the video in my exercise room on the second floor and walk down our large spiral (actually it’s curved) staircase – it feels like I’m walking down the staircase of the Empire State Building – after step 6 or so I’m about ready to go to my knees. :)

You get the point – the P90X leg routine is serious.

Tomorrow is my last day of Week 7 and then we move on to a different routine.

Changing things up is one of the cornerstones of P90X.

If you think about it – working out 5 or 6 times a week can get quite dull if you don’t change things up now and then.

With P90X the concept of “muscle confusion” is build into the entire 90 day workout…..just when you start getting used to routine Tony Horton goes ahead and switches things up.

By most counts, muscle confusion is the real deal and helps you build muscle faster and stay committed longer.

Heading out to meet Robyn and kids for dinner – got to go.

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