Day 46 of P90X – Yoga X complete.

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yeah…I know…Day 46 of P90X for Robyn and I was yesterday. In fact, we woke up at 6am and did the workout and I realized laying in bed last night that I forgot to post an update.

So…..Yoga X yesterday was easier than ever before – the thing with Yoga is that you work muscles you’ve never worked before so the first 5 or so times you do it it is awkward and difficult. However, overtime it get’s easier…..the video doesn’t get any shorter :( (it’s 1 hr and 32 min), but the routine seems to become more doable.


The thing I like most about Yoga is that it helps build considerable strength across your body.

The thing I like least about Yoga….at least P90X Yoga is the fact that the video is too long.

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