Day 43 of P90X – Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps + Ab Ripper X complete.

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Finished Day 43 of P90 X today – Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps + Ab Ripper X.


After enjoying Day 42 as an R & R (Rest & Relaxation) day I felt that I had much more energy today and the reality is that your body needs a break.

I find the chest, shoulders, & triceps workout to be the most difficult of all the “weight” training workouts because of the amount and difficulty of the push-ups part of the exercise – honestly, there are probably 8 or more different push-up exercises and they seem to get progressively more challenging throughout the video – that means that as your body starts to exhaust… get a more challenging exercise – no easy!

No sweat….no gain, so I do the push-ups even though by the end of the video I can barely raise my arms above my head. :)

Up tomorrow is plyometrics – one of my favorites!

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