Day 40 of P90X – Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X complete.

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Ripped through Day 40 of P90X this morning – 1 hr and 16 minutes of legs, back (aka – pull-ups) and abs.

Legs & Back

Surprisingly strong workout despite being out a bit late last night attending the Great Valley Technology Alliance Business Plan Competition. Congrats to JuJaMa and Virtual Firebox for winning the non-collegiate and collegiate portions of the competition, respectively, as well as all BPC finalists!

I’m a big fan of working legs – for me it feels that it’s about as close to a pure cardiovascular workout since the legs are the most used part of the body….and when you work them it feels like a full body workout.

To boot….the P90X legs routine includes a lot of old school leg exercises like lunges, old fashion calf raises, and squats. I’m a fan and my legs burn throughout and I truly feel like I got a great workout for hours after finishing the workout.

Next up tomorrow – Day 41!!!!

I’m not a mathematician, but if today is Day 41 that means I reach the half way point in only 4 days – yahooooooooooooooo!

Also, I believe tomorrow is Kenpo, which is my favorite!

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