Day 39 of P90X – Yoga X complete.

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Just finished 1hr and 32 minutes of Yoga X…the longest of all training videos!

Yoga X

I sort of have a love hate thing going on with Yoga X – on the one had the video is way too long and the second half seems out of place with the rest of the video; on the other hand, I absolutely believe Yoga contributes more growth in strength than any other video.

The other thing is that Yoga is one of the least masculine of all the workouts – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing since you do P90X in the confines of your house, but I really feel like I should be wearing spandex with a sports bra….which is not my normal attire. :)

I got to give credit to Robyn today since I can get a bit negative right around the time we hit play on Yoga X (the reason is that the video is so long). She looked me directly in the eyes this morning as I started to “complain” and said – “step up, I don’t want to work out with a pussy.”

Oh well….I had to bring it!

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