Day 37 of P90X – Plyometrics complete.

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Robyn and I finished Day 37 of P90X today – Plyometrics.

Plyometrics is an explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance.

In short, Plyo is the “mother of all P90X workouts” since it requires strength, as well as cardiovascular fitness.

I was dragging a bit to start today’s workout – I’m thinking I didn’t eat enough last night.

My daily meals look something like this – Morning = protein drink / meal supplement; lunch = peanut butter & banana sandwich, pasta or something light; dinner = chicken or steak.

However, yesterday I just didn’t get enough calories. My excuse was that I was working on submitting the final chapters of my second book from early morning to later in the evening… a result, I started with the meal supplement in the morning for breakfast, I had a small pasta dish for lunch….and for dinner (which I didn’t eat until 8pm) I had sushi and edamame (aka soy beans). I’m thinking I’m luck if I have 1200 calories the entire day – not good, especially since I woke up at 6am to workout this morning.

I’m taking action today. I started the day with a meal supp and now I’m eating a Power Bar. I’ll have a larger lunch since I’m a judge tonight in a business plan competition that runs from 4-8pm….and probably won’t have a large dinner. I may also take a snack or another Power Bar to the event.

Anyway – despite dragging a bit this morning I still worked hard and enjoyed the workout….especially when it was done. :)

Looking forward to having more energy tomorrow and bringing it even harder!

BTW – the moral of my story is that it’s completely OK to dog it every once in a while – we are all human….sometimes the kids will be crying and you’ll have to tend to them….sometimes you won’t feel well….sometimes you’ll be feeling down in the dumps for whatever the reason….it’s all good. My recommendation is to workout anyway – push through it….own it… it won’t be easy like the days when you feel great….but you’ll be stronger for pushing.

Bring it!

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