Day 8 of P90X – Core Synergistics

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Today’s workout was “Core Synergistics,” which is basically a series of exercises using all major muscle groups. Think “Core” where your stomach muscles are pretty much always engaged – throw in some contorted banana stretches, jumping, and push-ups and you’re working multiple muscles at once.

The Core Synergistics DVD took about 60 minutes. I worked up as much of a sweat with this routine as anything before it…not sure if that is because I didn’t sleep well last night and seemed to be pushing a bit too hard….or the fact that the series calls for exercise after exercise.

One thing that I’m hoping is that once I get through the last DVD (12) and start all over again is that I remember many of the exercises so I don’t have to pay so much attention to form on the video. It’s very difficult to be on your back or stomach….look up at the TV…while also making sure form is as close to perfect as possible. In fact, some of the exercises are so difficult that I either don’t pick up on correct form until the middle of the exercise or even once the exercise is done.

Next up on P90X for Day 9 – Chest & Back

BTW – I lost 1/2 pound in the first week. My total weight at weigh in before starting P90X was 197 lbs – that puts me at 196.5 lbs and I did my best to take it easy for Easter dinner yesterday – the problem was that Robyn and I eat three times….

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