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Black Friday 2010

My wife left the house this morning at 3:45a.m. On her list was to stop at Target, Babies R Us, Macy’s GameStop, and BonTon…

Let the fun begin!

I’m sure the above scenario is pretty common among households across the United States. Right?

But….as you leave the house on this glorious Black Friday to take advantage of countless Black Friday 2010 door buster, too good to be true deals I have a few tips for you….which assume that you are looking to get the best deal possible.

Here are my top five Black Friday 2010 Shopping Tips.

Shop Online

(1) Just shop online! Why? Many of the deals you see in your local newspaper circulars are available for purchase online, plus the “online” stores don’t require you to stand in line and almost certainly have larger inventories than your local Target or Macy’s. Here’s a great online store that aggregates all of the various door buster deals that are also available online –


(2) Download the “RedLaser” iPhone app. Why? RedLaser is a comparison social shopping app that allows you to take a picture of a Barcode while you are in a physical store (i.e. Target) to make sure you are getting the best price possible. The app will provide you with two things – first, a comparison of prices for the same product in physical stores locations nearest you and second, the best possible prices if you were to purchase the same product online.


(3) Open a online cash back account for free. Why? Cash back sites like eBates, FatWallet, uPromise, and Cashbaq allow you to shop at all your favorite online stores and when you purchase something they deposit a percentage of the purchase (typically 3-8%) into your account. If you shop online you should be shopping through a cash back site. BTW – as a Black Friday incentive many of the cash back sites are offering double (and even triple) cash back on many of the Web’s leading retailers!

Fine Print

(4) Know the store policies. Why? Hopefully you won’t learn this one the hard way, but the reality is that many of the Black Friday deals that entice you into the store in the first place have significant restrictions. My advise here is to simply read the fine print before you arrive at a store since you certainly don’t want to stand in line for an hour or more only to find out that you don’t qualify for a certain deal.


(5) Use a credit card and earn points. Why? Simply stated – smart shoppers use credit cards to accumulate points or cash back. All of the leading credit card companies have incentive / points programs. Personally, I like to use my AMEX Plum Card as often as possible because it gives me 2% back on all purchases.

Shop smart and have a great Black Friday!


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