Anxiously Waiting for my iPad 3G

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As soon as Apple opened up pre-orders for the iPad I immediately ordered two of the WI-FI + 3G 64GB with all the extras (case, keyboard, dock, etc.). Total all-in for the two iPad’s and accessories was about $2,000, which I think is quite reasonable considering I paid like $3,000 for the first laptop I ever bought.

The problem – the 3G version of the iPad, which is what I ordered doesn’t ship until later this month, while the WI-FI only version came out last Saturday. :(

Apple iPad

Needless to say….it was extremely difficult to sit on my hands last Saturday when the first of iPad’s shipped out and became available at BestBuy.

In fact….by early afternoon I was freaking out so I drove to BestBuy in Wilkes Barre to buy one of the WI-FI versions. I figured I’d be able to use it for a few weeks until my 3G arrived and then I’d give it to my sister or brother.

Well…..the Wilkes-Barre BestBuy wasn’t part of the select BestBuy locations that were chosen to inventory the iPad as part of the launch. :(

The gentleman told me that he could order me one, but it would take two weeks. I politely said thanks but no thanks….since I knew I could simply order a WI-FI version from the Apple Store.

BTW – As of this morning iPad’s are sold out at all BestBuy’s around the United States. Pretty impressive. Read the full story here –

So……I continue to anxiously wait for Apple to release the iPad 3G.

Anyone out there freaking out along with me?

Anybody pick up a WI-FI only version of the iPad?

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    I’m in the same boat, waiting anxiously for the 3g to be released. I actually did the same thing, headed to best buy to at least play with the iPad. I resisted the urge to buy one since I knew I really wouldn’t be happy without the 3g version, but I still needed my fix by playing with it.

  2. Larry

    Wi-Fi model with a Verizon or Sprint MiFi. I did it with the Verizon MiFi. Turn on the MiFi, put it in my pocket, and I am good to go with the iPad. Plus having the MIFi is good for business when I am doing presents and need quick access. I have the 64GB and my wife has the 16GB (she is excited to be able to buy some of her textbooks for school). If I am going on presents with clients and don’t have any heavy work to do the MacBook stays at the office. But the keyboard dock is dope and allows for heavy typing otherwise not possible on the iPad. Can I say that I think buying the 3G models may have been a mistake especially when you consider AT&T and how slow 3G takes to run the Internet?

  3. Kris Jones

    Larry – thanks for the tips!

    Honestly, I sort of feel like I got carried away by buying the most expensive version – I was just so damn excited when Apple announced they were taking pre-orders!

    Robyn and I would have done just fine with the WIFI versions, plus we would have had them by now.

    We’ll see – if the connectivity isn’t acceptable we’ll sell the on eBay and get the WIFI versions.

    I’ll be sure to provide a thorough review here on my blog once Apple delivers the 3G to me.


  4. Luke Matthews

    I am freaking out too! I ordered the 32G with all the fixins’. My first laptop was as much and I think it only had a 2Gig hard drive… I think a new pair of Nike’s comes with more than that now… Anyway, I got a rep at Apple that helped me choose my iPad that I email daily and berate him for lying to me about not knowing when it will ship! If Robert finally breaks, I will let you know!


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